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Gurdwara Gursikh Sangat was founded in 1974 and is the second oldest Sikh temple in Ontario. However, its current lot was not bought until six years later. The congregation met monthly at Wentworth House at McMaster University. The current location was originally a school, which was eventually put up for sale and bought by the gurdwara committee members.​

The Sikh pioneers that came in the early 1960s were the main force behind reconstructing the gurdwara through their voluntary time. In 1981, it was a fully functional gurdwara in Hamilton.

Most of the congregants who attend this gurdwara are elderly citizens. However, recently there has been a change in demographics. Many international Sikh students from Mohawk College and McMaster University attend the gurdwara. This gurdwara community has become a support network for these international students who are away from home. The gurdwara acknowledges that there needs to be different services provided as a result of the changing demographics.

Gurdwara was dedicated to the martyrs of Sikh religion in 2002 and is also known as Gurdwara Shaheedgarh Sahib. Yearly Nagar Kirtan (Sikh Parade) is conducted to commemorate the memory of Sikh Martyrs and 1984 Ghallughaara.

Gurdwara sahib has a very serene location surrounded by greenery and Royal Botanical Garden close by. 

Sangat gets together every Sunday at noon and at all major occasions.

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